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The architectural designs of Franco-American creator Lisa Cameron a reflection of creativity based in strength.

Her strong, statement creations with bold geometric lines are complemented by a certain playfulness. A playfulness most clearly underlined by the very fact that a majority of her collections could be worn as activewear. This is the essence of EoN and we imagine of Lisa, herself, comfortable, structured with a clear creative vision but flexible enough to defy categories.

This defiance is subtlety referred to in the brand name, EoN a reference to the Chevalier d'Éon,  French diplomat, spy, and soldier, who played on androgynous physical characteristics and natural abilities as a mimic to appear publicly as a man, while successfully infiltrating the court of Empress Elizabeth of Russia by presenting as a woman. D’EoN worked this ambiguity and ability to defy categories.

An Atypical Start

Lisa who was born and raised in France’s Basque region, has an unexpected story to tell of becoming one of the hottest young independent designers in Paris at this moment.  Her first port of call was not design college, but business school where she studied business administration, marketing, management and finance up to Master’s level. These skills gave her a practical advantage in launching her own fashion brand.

Lisa shows Kreateurs founder Inga a piece from her latest collection

On releasing, she wasn’t destined for a pure business career, she tried out New York’s Fashion Institute of,Technology, FIT where she was awarded an Associate’s degree. Lisa then crossed back over the Atlantic and decided to carry on in fashion by enhancing her fit qualification with a Master’s degree from Paris’ fashion design and styling school Atelier Chardon Savard. She honed her skills by interning at famous European fashion houses, Jean Paul Gaultier and Maison Margiela, and that of US superstar designer Alexander Wang.

“Going to business school motivated me to launch my own brand,” says Lisa, “I knew I had the skills to take care of the business side of things.”

Collections with Confidence

This confidence proved well founded, EoN has been successful from the launch, five years ago. Even the first collection sold out, mainly to stores in Hong Kong and Paris.

EoN’s collections turn around a minimalist color palette of blacks, white and beige, putting the emphasis on a surprising range of textures and finishes. Like Lisa’s signature coated wool finish. And the hors collection items such as bodies, leggings and accessories, such as bodysuitsneck warmers, snoods or mittens that close with a retro-industrial clasp. Volumes sit at two opposite end of the spectrum as either body hugging or oversized, creating a modern, active aesthetic.

Lisa uses the latest technology combined with traditional craftmanship

Modern Inspiration & Ethical Creation

Lisa tells us she is inspired by 1970s and 1980s fashion, as well as geometry and places. Her summer collection is based on the Hexagon shape, as a wink to her home country, France. She tells us a recent trip to Hawaii will be the basis for S/S17.

EoN’s production is entirely based in Paris. The wools (some of which are hand painted), cottons or stretch jerseysome of the more structured volumes are made of neoprene— are sourced from either, France or Italy. The articles, produced in small runs, are numbered to assure traceability, which is in line with her ethical vision of fashion, and the idea that the clothing she makes is an artisanal product rather than one for mass consumption.

And that is exactly what we here at Kreateurs believe, support and want to share with you.


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