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In life, there are certain things that are similar and yet extremely different. For example, when it comes to giving a gift to a mother or a sister, it seems to us a disconcerting facility. On the other hand, offering Christmas gifts to men is often endless brainstorming. And this turns into a real difficulty for every one of us!

Myth #1 Man wants something original for Christmas 

Men are happy when they can show that they are competent, whether in their work, in their social life or even in their private lives. Men therefore appreciate more the gifts that help them to be competent.

As Clotilde Ranno, a made-to-measure shirt Parisian designer testimonies in her blog post Les Mousquetettes "I was able to observe many couples making an appointment in my workshop, the woman wishing to offer a nice custom shirt to her partner. Each time, the scenario was the same. Initially, the woman wanted to offer an original shirt to her man. Here are some examples that women often have in mind: a shirt with a floral print (called "Liberty"), either on the entire shirt, or inside the collar and wrists. Or a beautiful gray pearl shirt to go out on Saturday night. Or a hipster check shirt. And each time, the couple leaves with a business shirt, white, blue or striped, that the man will wear in a professional setting. Do you find this annoying? Rest assured, your man will be extremely grateful if you let him choose his gift. Especially if you help him to be even more comfortable in his professional life, thanks to the clothes that showcase him in this context."

Myth #2 Men don't take risks and shop only from favorite brands

Stop offering your man the same socks each year. Now the choice of brands where you can shop from is so wide, there are so many new brands out there offering quality and stylish men items that your man would be grateful to you if you let him discover new names and brands. 

If you’re currently stuck in the world of Old Navy, Gap, Banana Republic, American Eagle, Express, Abercrombie & Fitch, or Hollister, then it's time to break away from the herd. Those brands are alright for young adults up to the age of 19 or so but once you officially exit your teens, you need to start dressing like an adult.

Here are the eleven top new designers brands from France that offer some of the most affordable, stylish fashion items available to men: Monsieur Charli, Menthe à l'eau, Exklusiv Helmets, Ori & Occi, Tapatia, Blue Telegram, Petit Velo, Utlra Tee, FrenchcoolAcrochet'Moi, Ozed.

Myth #3 Men don't like innovate and keep wearing the same stuff for years

Like Virginie Lepron the French designer of Monsieur Charli says "At Monsieur Charli we are not born a man incidentally, we become one!". To her, the ideal man is one who by a few well-chosen details reveals the hidden aspects of his personality. This still little exploited niche gives a quasi-virgin extension to the creation that Virginia intends to invest with passion: strong unique prints that tell a story, noble and natural materials like leather, cotton, silk, modal ... always finely chosen for their touch and quality, whose mission is to embellish and confront our lives. This know-how and this love of beautiful things Virginie constantly puts in practice both for the creation of her scarves and bags: week-end, laptop bag, small leather goods.

Simply the best for your man!


Myth #4 Men don't appreciate beauty cosmetics 

"No-one is selling to men," says male beauty blogger Jake-Jamie Ward, a.k.a The Beauty Boy. "And that is why men currently come to me saying that they have no idea where to start and asking which products they should use". According to the Telegraph the British male makeup blogger predicts that within five years men will be waking up and reaching for foundation and bronzer. 

We don't recommend you to buy a bronzer for your man right now, even if, from my own experience it is much appreciated by them (I see my man using foundation each morning). You still can start with something less female and useful for your man such as gentleman’s grooming products. Look closer at The Percy Nobleman brand, its founder is crafting the finest natural hair, beard and moustache product based on exclusively natural components. 

Myth #5 Boys don't like colors

That said, we find lots of new brands now offering very colorful and joyful small accessories for man. Look at the brand, that we have just discovered for you Acrochet'MoiThis brand was founded in 2014 in Paris around men's accessory such as men's bows and cufflinks, all made by hand in Parisian workshop in different colors green, red, blue. 

And no matter what your men's style is - dandy, hipster, rock, urban, casual, etc. - the bow tie Acrochet'Moi is worn wherever his is and at all hours of the day. In their collection, you will find of course the unmistakable bow tie, but also a set of accessories to the crochet: cufflinks, costume pockets, rings and barrettes as well as pouches / handbags.





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