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Is it possible to enjoy and make the most of the sales even if you position yourself as an ethical shopper, a conscious consumer?  For us here in Paris, the Winter sales are happening now (and yes a selection of items on the Kreateurs site are discounted).

The answer is... deep breath, Yes!

Here at Kreateurs we encourage you to go forth and shop! Use the sale season to update your look by adding a few carefully chosen items to your wardrobe, or buy a few gifts you can give later in the year.

Discover and be the first to wear a breakthrough up-and-coming designer. And  please always remember that quality trumps quantity, and craftsmanship trumps price.

As Eve Thomas, The Outnet fashion director advises in this piece in Elle “Look for signature pieces by designers, such as tailoring from Stella McCartney or evening wear by Valentino, as these will never date. Think carefully about your own sense of style and how each item will work in your wardrobe. For example, if you rarely wear heels, don’t buy them no matter how good the price.”

How to ethically shop the sales?

Take the sales as an opportunity to purchase that beautiful dress you couldn’t quite afford last month, or treat yourself to those awesome loafers -a little gift for your wonderful self. Research innovative new designers and ponder new styles and materials.

Allow yourself a little luxury

The sales provide a great moment to get a  discount and be able to comfortably  shop brands, normally at the top-end of a price range. In the same vein, discounting is often what gives brands the sales boost that sustain them through the slower months of the year. Sales are a positive and necessary aspect of fashion. And an ideal moment, to update your wardrobe and look.

Ethical, sustainable and conscious consumer

Disposable vs. sustainable fashion

Just try not to use the sales as an excuse to compromise your values, or your style for that matter: buying clothing simply because it’s less expensive, may not be wise. The disposable fashion mentality is often accentuated during the sales as people get a little frenzied. It can result in over-consumption that is damaging for the environment. A lot of those clothes bought at a discount eventually end up in the bin, because the purchase was based on the lowered price tag, rather than the style, fit or material. Do you agree?

Creative French designers

The phenomena of  discounting also makes it very difficult for small creative designers (like those we work with and support here at Kreateurs) to start and sustain a business, because so much of the consumer dollar goes directly to the big stores that can afford to offer impressive discounts. This means the selection of clothing out there is getting increasingly  narrow. Consumers are getting increasingly conformist as the choices available are diminishing.

Talking making the most of the sales,

Happy Winter sales

So to conclude, we wish you a very happy, very beautiful sales season. We will be making the  most of this time to restyle our looks and add some interesting standout pieces to our Winter wardrobes. We hope you do the same.

We are in this for the long haul, so let’s aim to do it with a little style.


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