Modern Love: The Long White Dress Gets Restyled

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Série Blanche

Marriage is coming back in fashion in Paris, but this occasion is not being celebrated in quite the same way that previous generations tied the knot. Same-sex marriage, non-religious ceremonies and marriage to celebrate a well established relationship, mean people are taking this traditional ceremony into their own hands. The idea that the bride is an untouchable powder puff atop a pedestal is behind us, fun, family, friends are the top priorities for this very memorable moment.

So how does our modern blushing bride, fit into this new landscape? Simplicity.

And what is she wearing? Série Blanche.

A well-finished duo

Aline Ehrsam and Lisa Cameron are a match made in heaven, Cameron brings her ready-to wear expertise honed through her own-brand EON Paris, while Ehsam, who trained at the famous Paris institution, Ecole des Arts Décoratifs (ENSAD) had been working in custom wedding gowns for the last 5 years and prior, specialised in costumes for theatre and special events. They met working on their separate projects in the atelier workshop in Paris’ eleventh arrondissement, that is now home to their Series Blanche, wedding brand.

Sarah (left) talks  with Lisa (center) and Aline(right).

“We get on well so we decided to mix our universes, by mixing our two specialities. Our first collection was born last Spring,” explains Lisa.


“It’s demi- mesure,  prêt-à-porter (ready-to-wear), gone prêt-à-marier (ready to marry). It’s a mix. The collections comprise six silhouettes, a range of dresses, skirt and top combinations, and jackets, that can be brought off the rack, and then then we can adjust the fit, length etc. as necessary,” she explains.

Long-term commitment, in a range of colors

A simple yet innovative concept means Série Blanche pieces can be color dyed after use. Samples of the fabrics, post-dye are available in the showroom.

“This means avoiding spending lots of money in a dress that is worn once in a lifetime. That’s why we try to give the dress a second life. Your beautiful white dress for your wedding can become your beautiful blue dress for another occasion.”

The hand-made touch: fabrics &  finish

“What sets us apart? We are creators, independent designers, this means there is more hand-work, the quality of the materials is very important. It in the touch the feel of the material,” explains Ehsam, “it’s ready-to-wear but with beautiful materials, and the simple pleasure of the well-finished object.”

The made-in-France pieces that compose the once yearly collections, are created with base materials sourced from Italy, namely silks and lace from France’s Calais region.

Priced at less than one thousand euros, excluding retouche, Series Blanche is a unique offer on the market, both in terms of the accessible price point, a service that is as personalised as the client wants it, as well as the collections that include separates: “we do lots of shorter dresses, and lots of mix and match separates -something we will continue doing more of, so we’re not just offering dresses and full silhouettes and dresses.”

Unique, personalised simplicity

“Our client isn’t looking for a long dress with lots of volume. She doesn’t want the classic dress, that we are seeing less and less. She wants to get married more simply and not feel that she in disguise in her dress,” says Cameron.

“People want to re-appropriate this tradition in their own way, they want to take control and personalize it. Lots of women want get married in white, but with a dress that resembles their wedding: simple, specific, unique and personalized,” adds Ehsam.

Dresses can be ordered online, certain stock is available immediately. Orders can take up to three months, so if you have a date in mind, order in advance to make sure you are ready for the day. Adjustments by the Série Blanche team can be made in their workshop in Paris.

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