Claire Batardiere was born in Maine-et-Loire, a main industrial center of the fashion industry. After graduation, she was admitted to the prestigious Duperé School to study fashion design. She focused her work on the themes of playful, surprise and fun. Her creations are still centered around these themes. These pleated designs allow playful transformation and the desire to be completed with a range of accessories.  

After work experience with Chritian Lacroix and Peclers style agency, she decided to create her brand with her childhood friend and designer Florence Bourget in 2005. In 2007, the company was created with a little bit of help from her sister in law Karine Batardiere, graduated from a business school. This newly revitalized brand officialy became FFIL in September 2014.

FFIL supports local industry and was welcomed by the world of fashion, ecology and the chamber of commerce.


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