The story begins with Camille, stylist packed with ideas, passion for detail, and above all "crazy" accessories. She seeks an original, ethnic influences, folk accents. Unable to find the ideal bag for her, she decided one day to create her own. She started as an individual, but soon she partnered up with Chloe, her childhood friend; A bubbly girl, full of punch, ambition, and with a great sense of contact and communication. These two young women 25 and 26 years old had the same desire, to create a brand! Without admitting certainly ... but the desire is there, so strong, so present in each, trying to hatch a project. A new day ... more exchange of ideas, more shared complicity hop and it is a catch! The concept is found, the word is out: Folklo by Ka! "Mad" Klo and Ka embark and join forces to create a duo between passion and fashion.