Le Secret des Eléphants

During his travels, Eulalie could bring in his luggage jewelry, fashion accessories, clothing or linens developed through history and craft secrets which only the Indians hold the key to. But a secret is deserved. The spirit of the Secret Elephants was born with a call to travel, a dream to break through the puzzles in this country of a thousand colors.

It is animated by true permanent excursions conducted to discover new fabrics and stones hidden in the cave of wonders, that is India. In this country where the colors are celebrated on the day of Holi, the textures are not fewer and of a rare quality. Cashmere, cotton, wool, silk and leather are hand crafted with great care and in the secrecy of Hindu gods. Because this culture of secrecy does not spare crafts located in the heart of ancient traditions is transmitted from father to son and from mother to daughter.