Ultra Tee

Angie Sam studied at Ecole des Métiers de la Création et de la Communication. After graduating, she felt motivated to launch a project that was different, one where high quality clothing could be created in harmony with the environment. Ultra Tee was born, fulfilling Angie's desire to innovate in fashion all while maintaining respect for nature. Inspiration comes from her surroundings: the city of Paris, London gardens and flowers. Old bookshops provide an endless source of botanical stimulation.

UltraTee collections are timeless. Angie pays close attention to the consistency of fabrics: softness and lightness make the brand’s T-shirts and sweatshirts comfortable and easy to wear.

 As most of Ultra Tee’s fabrics are remnants sourced from luxury fashion brands, materials are limited and collections are produced in small batches. This means unnecessarily high levels of stock aren’t held and the arrival of new fabrics can be quickly transformed into new styles.