Necklace Vestiges - Eloise Fiorentino
Necklace Vestiges - Eloise Fiorentino
Eloise Fiorentino

Necklace Vestiges

Handmade gold necklace Vestiges by French designer Eloise Fiorentino, a jewellery maker from Paris. Her inspirations are nature, earth, water and fire. Each of her creations is singular. Jewellery appears delicate, refined with light volume. Every jewel is handmade in the Parisian workshop of the designer with precious materials using old authentic artisanal know-how. Always in search of new curves for her crafts, she works the equilibrium, so the jewel is always in motion and evolves. All the collections of Eloise Fiorentino are timeless, elegant and chic.

Materials: brass, 24k gold plating (0.03 micron), necklace length 48 cm.

Made in Paris.